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Google Maps Street View: The Movie
When I first moved to New York, some guy tried to tell me Houston Street was pronounced, "How-ston". He musta thought I was a real rube, to fall for that one!

A little thing I put together in Flash, from a bunch of stills I screengrabbed using Google Maps' Street View feature. Orwellian Invasion of Privacy charges aside, I find the technology fascinating, and spent some time this weekend virtually revisiting some my old NYC haunts, in addition to checking out some spots I never managed to make it to, in the fourteen years I lived there.

I shoulda/coulda made some use of of the zoom/pan controls on offer to add some variety, but I'll save that stuff, along with some hilarious outtakes, deleted scenes and bloopers, for the sequel- Google Maps Street View II: Goin' All The Way!
The Marones!
Can't say I'd ever go with Bank Gothic again, if I could do it over, but Satan ain't particular about what fonts you use, when he's fittin to cast yo ass into that Lake Of Eternal Fire. No, sir.

I haven't seen anyone post anything on The Ramones lately, so I figgered I'd haul this antiquity outta the basement of my harddrive.

Poster I did about 12 years ago for my ol buddy Zombie's band, when they took the legendary Ramones out on tour with em as their opening act. Curiouser and curiouser...

Anyway, a fondest gabba gabba hey, to you and yours.
I don't know what a "Gymnopedie" is, exactly, but it sure sounds real classy.

Here's a little Flash sumpin I've been fiddling around with, off and on, the last month or so.

Inspired in part by a coupla Busby Berkeley movies I got into during some downtime after Xmas, and some addled, late-night notions I'd been having about minimalism and symmetry.

The title is after Erik Satie's 3 Gymnopedies, which I originally wanted to use as the soundtrack. I abandoned that idea after realizing I didn't have a hope in hell of figgering out how to sync the animation to it, and I ended up doing my own music bed in GarageBand, at a reliable and trustworthy 120 bpm.

Anyway, nice to see you all again-
Misfortune Cookies

I had a brutal week- everything that could have gone badly, did- personally, professionally, and any other way you'd care to view it. Every idea got rejected, every final came back for revisions, my girl walked out, and it just seemed that I'd become some bizarre magnet for black-cloud activity.

  I got some Chinese food Wednesday night and sat in the window of the restaurant, and reflected on the week. The waiter brought over the bill, along with a fortune cookie. When I cracked it open, the strip of paper inside read, YOU ARE SUCCESSFUL IN BUSINESS AND LOVE, and I thought, yeah, right, and came home and started thinking about fortunes of a bleaker nature.
Alotta guys are sneaky, that way.
I should have probably left some cookie crumbs in these pictures, but it was about 125 degrees in my little studio, and the cookie wouldn't really crumble- it just got kind of mushy. So there you have it.
It's always something.
I hate that.
A couple more, in the Gallery
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