Marcos Chin
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February 2010

I think I spent about 7 minutes trying to decide what to title this post... sheesh... all I could come up with was "January" (how unoriginal) mainly because these are a couple of the new images that I did during that month.
The above illustrations were my submission to for the chance to have it translated onto a Tshirt; the theme that we had to work with was "Creating The New Trend." If you have any time or interest you can vote for it on their website by clicking here and here (thanks in advance, but no pressure...)
This is somewhat of a new forum and application for me, but I'm having fun nonetheless. Since work slowed down somewhat during the latter half of 2009, I began to think moreso about where my work was going (again), and new possibilities, and applications for it, amongst other things.
The first idea began as a discarded sketch for an assignment that I was working on with The Atlantic about "cyber wars," while the second piece evolved shortly after I had conceived the first one. The sketches attached below were some doodles that I did in the car on the way to Montauk to figure out how I would approach this project.

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