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MAY 28, 2013
THE NEW YORKER - Week of May 27th - June 3rd.

THURS MAY 16 - Submitted sketch

THURS MAY 16 - Another sketch

THURS MAY 16 - Another sketch

TUES MAY 21 - Art Director Fran├žoise Mouly requests a "color sample." Revised sketch above (note the elimination of "GYM" and "citibike" ... and the added treadmill and two elliptical machines).

TUES MAY 21 - Tracing paper sketch transfered via graphite carbon paper to 140 lb Arches cold press watercolor paper.

TUES MAY 21 - Reference photos

TUES MAY 21 - Reference photos

THURS MAY 23 - Approval of watercolor by Editor David Remnick. One change request: eliminate an elliptical machine and reinstate a stationary bicycle. I deliver original art (and a patch of another stationary bicycle) to Fran├žoise Mouly's Times Square office for scanning.

THURS MAY 23 - Barring any unforseen circumstances (war, natural distasters), the art will be printed tomorrow and on the newsstands Tuesday.

TUES MAY 27 - On the stands

MAY 27

With an interview to boot: http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/culture/2013/05/cover-story-urban-cycles-marcellus-hall.html#slide_ss_0=11. 
And an article from Shanghai:  http://www.bundpic.com/2013/05/22056.shtml