Marcellus Hall
Marcellus Hall was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN.  He graduated with a BFA in illustration at the Rhode Island School of Design and moved to New York, NY.  He embarked on simultaneous careers as both a musician and illustrator.  His illustrations have appeared in Time, the Wall St Journal, The Atlantic Monthly, The New York Times, and the New Yorker.  He has created two covers for the New Yorker. 

Hall also works as a children's book illustrator.  His books include "Because You Are My Baby" (2008 Abrams), "City I Love" (2009 Abrams), "Because I Am Your Daddy" (2010 Abrams), and "The Cow Loves Cookies" (2010 Simon & Schuster). 

He currently lives in New York, NY.   See also
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