Marcela Restrepo Uribe
September 2011
For Breast Cancer Research
Last month, I worked with my mate Kate Banazi chalking up the set for the 2011 Fashion Targets Breast Cancer campaign. We had the best time and it was a diferent experience for us. People were really nice and it was cool to be part of this project where Models, photographers and everyone else donates their time and work pro Breast Cancer research.
I realized chalking walls is such a great excercise, I had sore legs the next day. I might start a Chalk Yoga practice.
Can't wait to work with Kate again, we always have good fun together and I love her work. She makes delicious meals and is better than me with the pencil however her silkscreen prints magic! If you are curious please have a look at her work,but I can tell you it's even more impresive in real life where you can see the amount of  layers.

Kate's austronauts prints.

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