Marcela Restrepo Uribe
September 2010
Meanjin Spring Journal
Meanjin Quarterly is a journal founded in 1940 and known primarily as a literary magazine. Nowdays it's a publication of the University of Melbourne and beautifully designed by Chase & Galley.
So Stuart Geedes (from Chase&Galley) asked me to do the cover and dividers for the latest number which was about Melbourne and its culture. I have been to Melbourne a couple of times, it's such a beautiful city with lovely little lanes and great restaurants. I enjoyed very much doing this work plus I had a good trip to Melbourne on Google Earth. Sounds depressing but don't worry, I am having the real deal, I'm going there with Daniel at the end of the month for the UCI World Road Cycle Championship!!

I drew separate elements and then put them together in the computer.

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