Marcela Restrepo Uribe
May 2010
My work was included on the showcase section in the latest 3x3 Magazine. I just received the copy. This number features Lasse Skarbövik, Lars Henkel and Justin Woodam.
These are the images included, you can see them on the showcase section on pages 62-63, I hope you like them.

Food Diaries
I did some food illustrations for the Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Weekend Magazine.  It was a simple brief with a straight forward idea.  I was required to illustrate for each of the three characters of the copy, dishes they had during the week.  Finally I drew the empty plates as a closing image. The result of course is quite simple, either way I still enjoy drawing food. (No more than having it though).  In this case the editor was after something simple but I feel in the future I could be more quirky and free in the drawing and composition also more sophisticated in the concept when possible. I’ll start trying this to see where it takes me,  there is a long way to go!
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