Marcela Restrepo Uribe
A journal

I never thought I would do something for Mercedes Benz, I didn't think they would go for my style of work though it seems they have a wider target these days. Art director James Liddell and his team from Clemenger Proximity came up with this idea of a sketchbook (Moleskine) for Mercedes Benz clients to write their ideas so they asked me to do some sketches and drawings for each spread, with their direction, to highlight some car models, they added the photographs. Appartently it has a hard cover, lots of blank pages at the back and I'm pretty sure it was going to be printed over notebook type of pages with lines.
Unfortunately I haven't got to see one yet in real life, in their words "These are like hens teeth" but I still hope they can dig one up for me. I really would like to see how it all looks together, specially how the texture photos matches the drawings.
Anyway, these are some of the pages.
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