Marcela Restrepo Uribe
April 2010
Next month
Sydney Biennale is coming in May and I can’t wait. Part of the event is hold in Cokatoo Island, a heritage-listed former prison and shipyard located in the middle of Sydney Harbour, great space for installations and you can imagine the views! It’s a great experience. I have seen amazing works in the past years, I am posting some photos of those that stuck with me. Even if this is not exactly related to illustration I hope you enjoy it.
Atomic: Full of Love, Full of Wonder. By Australian Nike Savvas A room full of 50,000 floating, coloured balls attached to strings of fishing line. They vibrate when wall-mounted fans are switched on. Quite amazing!
Asian Field, by the English Antony Gormley is an installation of 180,000 hand-sized clay figures crafted in five days by three hundred and fifty villagers in south China. “Together, the figurines form a vast sea of bodies that dominates the huge upper space of Pier 2/3. Lumpy and almost featureless, they eerily stare out with blank holes for eyes. As Gormley says, "The art is not there to be looked at; it is looking at you."
There was a room of animated films from the South African William Kentridge. He draws, takes a picture, erases, makes changes and takes a picture and so on… the result is fantastic. This one was quite special as the image was projected to the plate (looking distorted) but the animation appeared perfectly clear on the cylinder.
Living with bikes

So here is my fist image!
Today is the Paris Roubaix bike race, known as L’enfer du nord . Not that I know that much about it but I know Leo just like Daniel loves everything about bikes so this is for them! Since I am with Daniel I watch the tour and all the road and mountain races. I have a close relationship with bikes, Regrettably I have two, sometimes three parked almost in my lap. Hmm, have a pick at my work area, we are working to improve it!

Hola! hello everyone! Thanks so much to all and Leo in special for the invite, I am very excited to be part of such a cool bunch. I look forward to post regularly but please bear with my dodgy english!
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