Marc Burckhardt
February 2009
Winging it
The great Joe Kimberling at Los Angeles magazine called a few weeks ago with a fun project: The Birds of Los Angeles.
The article focuses on the incredible range of birds that thrive and flourish in LA's urban jungle, and the idea was to capture the feeling of classic naturalist art, but with contemporary urban settings. As always, Joe was great to work with, and the design of the spreads is clean, beautiful and easy to read. If only bird guides were this well designed!
Detail of the garbage can—this was a fun bit!
Recent Acquisitions
As was mentioned, the O'Briens came to Austin last week, and things are just getting back to normal (all flat surfaces are now cleared, Tim). As part of our "Art for Margaritas" program, we put Tim to work shoring up the wine cellar with a custom air-control system. Along the way, I got to see the Master in action, and stole a few tips I plan on using in the future.
Even on vacation, he's working!
The Kroninger above the bed. The fat lady has sung!
We've had the good fortune of making some wonderful friends over the years—and we've extorted some great work from them in the process! Along with a host of beautiful prints (Alex Gross; Laura Levine; Dale Stephanos; etc.) and children's books (Gary Kelly; Hanoch Piven), we've gotten quite a nice collection of original art from some of the best in our field. So in keeping with the theme, here are a few highlights from the Burckhardt Collection.
My old friend James Victore sent us these plates. We have somewhere around 50 posters by James; we need more walls.
A silk screen by Mr. Taxali
From ICON 3, a drawing by Steve Brodner of Anita Kunz, myself, and Mark Ulriksen (we have a beautiful Ulriksen dog print above the fireplace)
My friend and teacher, Joel Nakamura
Cathie Bleck
One of two McCauley's we have on the walls here
Left to right, top to bottom: Group piece by Anita Kunz, Cathie Bleck, Jose Ortega, Jean Tuttle, Molly Z, and Brian Leister; Seymour Chwast does Ben Franklin Taxali peanut; Victore signage Rob & Christian Clayton
And just to close it out, here's a few extra shots of the O'Brien family. It was really fun having them here, and it's been great having all these good folks come and hang out with us in Austin over the years. We hope there are alot more of these to come—we want to expand the collection!
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