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Nai Lee Lum

NOVEMBER 20, 2009
left: Josh Cochran; right: Andrea Ventura
I just got word today that Nai Lee Lum, the terrific art director of (among other things) Fortune magazine's Europe & Asia edition covers, will be leaving the magazine in December, after 27 years with the publication. While she plans to continue consulting with them, she'll be greatly missed by the many artists she's given plum assignments to over the years.

Robert Newman (of Fortune, Real Simple, New York, Details, Vibe, etc.) wrote a wonderful tribute to Nai at the Society of Publication's website that features some of the art-laden covers she was responsible for over the years, and there's a link Robert's Facebook album with more of the covers, too. I've attached a few below. Thank you Nai!
left: eBoy; right: Marcos Chin
R Sikoryak
left: Guy Billout; right: David McLimans
Not sure who this fella is.....