Marc Burckhardt
Momma Loves Her Little Son
Several years back, I got the opportunity to work on an album cover for June Carter Cash, the amazing singer/songwriter, heir to the Carter Family legacy of country music, and wife of Johnny Cash. "Wildwood Flower" turned out to be her final studio album—she passed away before it was released—but it went on to win the 2004 Grammy Award for Best Traditional Folk Album.

Overs the years since, I've been honored to work on many other projects with the Cash family, including "The Legend: Johnny Cash", the definitive compilation of his 50 years of work and the winner of the 2006 Grammy Award for Best Art Direction on a Limited Edition Package for Ian Cutler's amazing art direction.
This month marks another special occasion in that relationship, as Little Simon/Simon & Schuster releases "Momma Loves Her Little Son", the first of two children's books written by John Carter Cash, Johnny & June's son, that I had the pleasure to illustrate. I thought I'd put up a few images from the book and a link to a video interview with John Carter that gives some background into the development of the book, which is really a lullaby as much as a story (in fact, he and his wife Laura recorded a song to go with it!). Not surprising, given John Carter's musical heritage and accomplishments as a producer and songwriter. It's a sweet story for mothers and their young sons, and we're already working on the followup for fathers and their little girls. 

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