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Just Say No

MAY 7, 2008
If you're here at Drawger, you have an interest in art. The people who create visual art in the US are under direct threat today from a strange combination of corporate interests and Utopian "free-culture" academics, brought together under the The Orphan Works bill. Lots of folks here have explained the reasons why this is destructive to people who actually create art, as opposed to those who seek to "acquire" it, so I'll make my post here simple. If you have an interest in seeing visual art survive as both an artform and a means of supporting artists themselves, you have to write your representatives in Washington today. It's very easy to do, and will make all the difference between this bill passing or being stopped in its tracks. And that has to happen NOW.

Click here to go to a very quick, easy site that will allow you to reach all your representatives in less than 2 minutes. And thanks for supporting visual art and the people who make it.