Marc Burckhardt
Christmas in Clarksville
The Santa Parade on the sidewalk. There's music playing, too.
 Janice and I live and work out of a renovated 1910 farmhouse in the great old neighborhood of Clarksville, which sits on the edge of bustling downtown Austin. In one direction you're steps away from restaurants, nightclubs, and skyscrapers, but in the other you're in one of the oldest single family areas in the city—it was recently named one of the 10 Best Neighborhoods in the US. One of our neighbors, Willis, is part of the reason why: he's single-handedly been putting the Merry in Christmas for years now with a light show that seems to grow every time you visit it. And he's more than ready to give you the tour. I thought I'd put up a few shots of his display—hope you enjoy.
The mailbox opens and reveals a letter from Santa.
James Brown serenades you from the porch.
The Reason for the Season.
The scene from the street.
Not sure why, but Santa climbs up and down this ladder all night.
Who knew there were flamingos in the manger?
Janice & Gertie with Willis.
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