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SI Editorial Gold

FEBRUARY 3, 2012
AD: Dena Verdesca | CD: Robert Festino | Client: Men's Health

Tonight, the Society of Illustrators 54th Editorial & Book show will open, and I'm honored to have received a Gold Medal in the Editorial catergory for this piece on the topic of overfishing for Men's Health magazine.
The article's author, the actor and activist Ted Danson, admits to being that guy who goes on a little too long about why you shouldn't have the sea bass, even though it was going to be great before he ruined the experience. In equal measure funny and informative, he gave the article the perfect balance of grim statistics and light humor to make an engaging point. By choosing to echo the Dutch tradition of still life abundance, I tried to hit a similar note. Looks like it netted a good result.
Huge thanks to CD Robert Festino and AD Dena Verdesca for throwing the line my way, and to the jurors for awarding this piece a Gold. I have a few other pieces in the show as well, and they seem to be heavy on the theme. I'm happy to have reeled a few in!


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Algonquin Books | AD: Anne Winslow

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