Marc Burckhardt
Release the Hounds
Glamorama | acrylic & oil on wood panel | 15.5" x 11.5"
There's a saying around our house:
"When a kid turns 18, you have to send them to college; when a dog turns 18, you just bury them in the backyard."

But for all the bravado, dogs have always ruled the roost here--you'll find no bigger fan of canines than the Burckhardts. To prove the point, we've built a shrine of sorts to dogs past/passed: the top one is Glamorama, who lived to be 12 and had a pacemaker (not nearly as expensive as you'd imagine), and Diva, who earned her name every day; their collars hang next to their portraits.
I've spent almost every day of my working life with a dog laying somewhere in the studio; I've probably spent more time in the presence of dogs than I have with any human. They're loyal and patient, and you feel their absence when they're not around.
Diva | acrylic & oil on wood panel | 16" x 12"
Gertie currently has the run of the house, and I hope it'll be a long time before she gets her own spot on the wall.

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