Linzie Hunter
June 2009
SOS - Another good cause
All Photos by Lesley Rochat
Last month I worked with Katherine Botes at Saatchi & Saatchi, Cape town and contibuted some hand lettering to their latest campaign for the Save Our Seas foundation, a non profit organisation that works to preserve marine creatures and their environment. 
Saatchi & Saatchi have a long standing relationship with the foundation and this latest campaign, "The Ocean speaks out" took place over three days at Muizenberg beach, C.T.
Day One: The team collect a number of large shells which are then fitted with a mini speaker and are placed back on the beach early in the morning for people to find later in the day.  On holding the shell to your ear, a plea for help from the sea is heard and listeners are directed to the SOS website.

Day Two:  Another early start for the team. On this day, beach goers discovered messages in weathered bottles that had appeared to have washed ashore. Inside the bottles were handwritten letters from different sea creatures asking for help.

Each bottle contains a hand-written letter...
Five illustrators including myself (Ray Frenden, Cristina Guitian, Toby Newsome and Alex Latimer ) created the typography for each letter...  Here's my letter from "Shawn the Prawn".

A fun little project with a really free brief.
Day Three: Probably the most "dramatic" element... a coffin appears on the beach with a sobering message on the front...

maybe not one for the kiddies!
Photos by conservationist and photographer, Lesley Rochet

Watch a movie overview of the campaign on Katherine Behance Portfolio

101 Things to Eat, See and Do...
Hi All, I've been a bit lazy of late with the blogging so hopefully will make up for it in the next few weeks :)

I was recently contacted by the very nice people at Balitmore Magazine to create their very first fully illustrated cover and a batch of illustrations for the main feature.  While I've done quite a few book covers in the last couple of years, I don't often get asked to do magazine covers so this was a cool job to do.

My b/w rough for the cover. We went through a few different colour combinations and tweaks but the final didn't change much from my original sketch.
Some of the illustrations I created for the 101 Things feature...

Baltimore Airport
Roller Derby Girls
Friendly Tattoo Museum Owner
Phyllis' hair salon
Night time walks
Mt Washington Octagon
Opening DPS illustration
All in all, one of those fun jobs, working with a great art department  and with no major problems. :)

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