Linzie Hunter
November 2008
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Full Page illustration for Canadian Business
This year I've been lucky enough to work in a lot of new areas, but consequently haven't done so much editorial work as in previous years. I have been able to fit in couple of really enjoyable full page illustrations which are in print at the moment. The first one, above was for Canadian Business magazine.  I know quite few of my drawger pals here have worked for the AD there... and without trying to sound like a big suck-up, I have to agree that Tim Davin is a cool guy and great to work with.
Enjoy the wobbly lines!
I don't often bother to blog my roughs (mostly through shame) but here the rough for this one.  Because I like to work in colour when I'm doing lettering sketches I'll either use marker pens or do the rough from scratch on the computer, or a combination of the two as above.
Eagle eyed viewers will notice that the 'Where' became 'How'... The only other realy note was to make the middle heading pop more
Last year I was commissioned to do the illustration and lettering for the annual Christmas gift guide for MacFormat magazine and was happy to say yes when I was approached again this year
Rough 1
Rough 2 - I quite wanted to do this one!
Rough 3 - nothing more christmassy then elves, right?
Final Art.. not many changes, just a shift down to leave some space for the page furniture at the top
Anyways, it was decided that the santa option was the most christmas-and-gift-orientated which is probably true!
And a wee bit of lettering to finish it all off!
Hairy Beasts catch up
The Hot Rods and Hairy Beasts exhibition wrapped quite a while ago now, but things have been a bit busy post show and so this is the first chance I've had to post a few photos from the preview.  Thanks to fellow illustrators Allan Sanders, Rod Hunt and Nishant Choksi for making it such a great experience.
(C) Russell Cobb
(c) Russell Cobb
(c) Russell Cobb
(c) Russell Cobb
(c) Russell Cobb Goodie bags ready and waiting for the PV
(c) Kumiko Brocklebank
(c) Kumiko Brocklebank
(c)Russell Cobb Photographic proof that everyone looks good in black and white
Badge Designs by me for the PV... Poor Nishant had to make up quite a lot of them!
My "Snow globes of the Old Testament"
"Atomic Alphabet" - My attempt at traditional collage
Exercise in pen + ink
singles creen Gocco Prints based on snazzy cocktails
singles creen Gocco Prints based on snazzy cocktails
singles creen Gocco Prints based on snazzy cocktails
singles creen Gocco Prints based on snazzy cocktails
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