Linzie Hunter
October 2007
History of TV
It's nice when a job comes in that you know is just up your street.  Here's a recent illustration I did for a TV supplement for Media Week.
My rough sketch to run across a dps.... sorry its a bit small!
I was given some clear information on what elements and dates had to included but the AD was cool about me adding a view ideas of my own.
Fellow Scot Logie Baird at work.
Not least,  plonking a moustache on my Logie Baird "inspired" character.  Don't all inventors have some form of facial decoration?  I think it might be mandatory.
finished illustration and details
click here for larger version

I expect nearly all illustrators have a healthy stock of reference books at hand, and I'm no exception...  it's good not having to always rely on the internet...

Just Doodlin'
Last month I managed to meet up with ever so slightly AWOL drawger Aaron Leighton in Toronto and he was kind enough to invite me along to previously blogged Pen club.

As well as being able to sink a few beers and meet some great folks (thanks to everyone who made me feel so welcome!) it also really reminded me of the importance of drawing and doodling  purely for fun. 

Working digitally, it very easy for my work to just get all a bit static so I've been trying to spend more time doodling without worrying about the outcome.
sorry mum, i was paying attention to you, honest!
I've admired Aarons and Rob D's sketchbooks for ages, so I'm really enjoying keeping a daily sketchbook and have become quite obsessed with buying brush pens all of a sudden.  

I've always drawn every day but I just always ended up with piles of old letters and envelopes with drawings on them that just always end up going into the recycling bin.

I'm pretty messy sometimes (ok, always) so it takes a little more discipline for me to keep everything in a book... but it's worth the effort! When I get some free time I'll scan some pages and upload.

The outcome has also crossed into my digital work, heres some photoshop doodles while on the phone the other day... quite surprising what you come up with when you are not paying attention.
The outcome has also crossed into my digital work, heres some photoshop doodles while on the phone the other day... quite surprising what you come up with when you are not paying attention.

Coincidentally Argentinean illustrator Super DD and myself have also established an flickr group for five minute doodles on a weekly theme... sort of good for people who like Illustration Friday but who are super short on time...the current theme is "your weirdest neighbour".  It's an open invitation group so if you're a flickr-er-er then stop by:

5 Minute Doodle /Neighbour
Above: Super DD's neighbourly contribution!
I've also been playing around in photoshop with some lettering.  I've added a new gallery of quick lettering sketches I did over they weekend... these based on the contents of my spam folder... its not the most original idea but the bizarre-o subject lines have been great starting point and I've enjoyed not trying to clean up or correct any mistakes... just seeing what happens...

More Spam one liners here
End Petlessness / Allan Sanders
Brilliant animated commercial by friend and fellow illustrator Allan Sanders.

For the Orgeon Humane Society.

Try and watch it without smiling even just a little bit.    Great Job, Mr S.

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