Linzie Hunter
April 2010
(Not an) IT Expert
One of the great things about doing lettering work is that you don't always have to have a complete grasp on the subject you're illustrating.  This is especially true when doing editorial work and you're given some copy thats loaded with technical or business terminology and info.

Here's a recent illustration I did for IT Expert magazine on the subject of network security.  While I did get the general gist of the feature, I have to admit to not knowing ALL the terms used. But anyways, I still really enjoyed working on this cover.
My rough for the cover...
The final cover... not too many changes really...
A time for firsts...
Happy New Year... umm...
Goodness, my first post of 2010.  It has been a while, hasn't it?  Although I guess it's good to know that the world does not indeed end if I take an extended break from the world of blogging. (On a side note to this, I stumbled across an article and experiment today by cartoonist James Strum which could be worth following: Life Without the Web: My (Probably Crazy) Plan To Give Up the Internet)

It's been an eventful time of late with plenty of ups and downs and quite a few firsts.  At the moment, I'm in the middle of moving into my first studio in central London.  It's exciting (but also a little bit daunting) and definitely a huge step up from working on a wobbly ikea desk in my pokey little flat.  I now get a sightly more upmarket ikea desk and a significantly better view!
Seriously, this is the view from my studio window...
In other firsts, my first bash at illustrating a picture book.   A Small Brown dog with a Wet Pink Nose, by Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen was published by Little Brown at the start of the year.  It was a fun and at times challenging story to illustrate but working with the team at LB was great experience.  I was given a create deal of creative freedom and I have probably been quite spoiled by my first picture book experience - I cannot speak highly enough of the team there!
I had especially good fun doing the endpapers - some of you may recognise some of the pooches here.
Anyways, I feel much better for re-joining the drawger community (before I got my membership card cut in two) and hopefully will manage to get up to speed with what everyone is up to in no time at all... :-)
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