Linzie Hunter
September 2008
Coney Prints!
My NY drawger friends probably know about my fondness for Coney Island...
And to coincide with the Hot Rods and Hairy Beasts show this new limited edition print is released today by 11"x8.5" Edition of 200 each $20. 22"x17" Edition of 20 each $200. 40"x30" Edition of 2 each $2000.
Hot Rods And Hairy Beasts is showing at the Coningsby Gallery, London from Monday 29th September until Saturday 4th October 2008. Private View Thursday 2nd October from 6.30pm.
The Hot Rods and Hairy Beasts Show runs all this week, and it's looking pretty good even If I do say so myself:)
We're having a Private View on Thursday night so if any Londoners need hooked up with a invite then drop me an email.
Hot Rods & Hairy Beasts
Just popping up to remind any of you around the London area that I'll be taking part in the Hot Rods & Hairy Beasts Exhibition which opens next week.  The PV is on Thursday so drop me an email if you'd like an invite.   It's going to be a great show. Full Show Blurb follows...
Hot Rods And Hairy Beasts
An Illustration show - Coningsby Gallery
Monday 29th September until Saturday 4th October 2008
And here's an exclusive preview of some of the work from the show!
Hot Rods, Hula Girls, Hairy Beasts, Himalayan Head Hunters and the Holy Bible are just some of the subjects under discussion by illustrators Linzie Hunter, Rod Hunt, Nishant Choksi and Allan Sanders. No subject is too small for this group of seasoned professional illustrators and adventurers. With clients spanning the world of advertising, publishing, design and edtorial this band of battle scarred buccaneers are prepared for the eventuality of just about anything. Their motto is simple : to illustrate the obscure ...and beyond!

Linzie Hunter The terrifying Linzie Hunter originated from the barren highlands of Scotland but now resides in a North London suburb where she feasts on worms and grubs whilst working for clients including Random House, BBC, The Guardian & Little Brown. Linzie recently hit the headlines with her lettering work based on the spam e-mails in her inbox. Her book "Secret Weapon: 30 hand-painted spam postcards" is published by Chronicle Books in Autumn 2008.

Rod Hunt Born in rural Dorset, the diabolical Rod Hunt now inhabits the swampland of Greenwich, South London where he feeds mostly on shrubs and berries. Rod has developed a reputation for retro tinged illustrations & detailed character filled landscapes and among his client list he includes FHM, Maxim and Vodafone. Notably Rod illustrated the cover of the best selling book “Change the World 9 to 5” published by We Are What We Do. He is also Deputy Chairman of the Association of Illustrators.

Nishant Choksi The monstrous Nishant Choksi originated from a murky lagoon in the centre of London and is now often found foraging in the wooded areas of Crouch End. A real life B-Movie monster, Nishant is inspired by advertising of the 40’s and 50’s and has worked for The Washington Post, The Guardian, JWT, Macmillian and others. Nishant recently worked on a prominent print ad campaign for Vodafone and has just completed work on his first TV spot for them.

Allan Sanders Born in the frozen tundra of the Northern wastelands, the horrendous Allan Sanders, a mostly hairless biped, now resides near the water in a settlement known as Brighton. Existing on a diet of rock pool delicacies, Allan has produced quirky, character-based and often humorous illustrations for clients including New Scientist, The Economist, The Guardian and The LA Times. Last year Allan became the poster boy for The Oregon Humane Society’s “End Petlessness” campaign.

Hot Rods And Hairy Beasts is showing at the Coningsby Gallery, London from Monday 29th September until Saturday 4th October 2008.
Private View Thursday 2nd October from 6.30pm.
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