Linzie Hunter
September 2007
Lo-Fi Fun
I recently picked up a whole bunch of very cool 50/60s matchbook labels from East Europe.

Even though it was painstakingly boring, I've uploaded the best of them (about 90 in total) to flickr.  I've posted a few select images below and for anyone who is interested, here's the link to the rest of the gallery:
b/w design... lots of changes had to be made... the first version was too faint and most of the detail was lost.
Anyways, I was feeling pretty inspired by the simplicity and limited colours on these and had a bash at doing some 2 colour photocopying with an old analog copier I picked up for all of £1.70 on ebay  ( I outbid the other bidder by a whole 20p)

It's a very basic and pretty tempromental machine, but you can get  different colour cartridges which you can swap the black one for.

I hear you can go to fancy copy shops to do this, but I've only seen full colour copiers...
The nice thing about working with photocopiers is that allows you not to be too precious and enjoy the "rough and ready" way your work comes out... which is a good exercise for me.
While I'd like to say it was a breeze, the prep time is massive due to the large element of trial and error involved... particulary when it comes to working in half tone and trying to work out the registration...

and my copier wins no prizes for speed.
Looking at it now, theres lots of things I'd do differently... but over I'm quite pleased... and I'm managed to recycle a whole lot of old manilla folders.
Roman City of Bath
roman guard detail.. if you don't know Bath's a roman spa town, this may look a tad odd!
A wee while ago, you might remember I created this roadside attractions map.  Since plonking it on a postcard, I'm happy to say that it's brought in quite a few interesting map and diagram type commissions.

One of them has been some walking tour maps for Junior Magazine.   This is the first in a series of three : Bath

For those not completely au fait with English History and Geography ( a group in which I'd include myself) :

is a city in Somerset, England most famous for its historic baths fed by three hot springs. It is situated 99 miles (159 km) west of Central London and 13 miles (21 km) south east of Bristol.

The city is founded around the only naturally occurring hot springs and Roman spa. The waters from its spring were believed to be a cure for many afflictions. From Elizabethan to Georgian times it was a resort city for the wealthy. As a result of its popularity during the latter period, the city contains many fine examples of Georgian architecture, most notably the Royal Crescent. The city has a population of over 90,144 and is a World Heritage Site.
thanks wikipedia!

there's Bath, under that big red mug ring.
And here's my map... to enjoy the larger version in all its glory click here
Ok thats enough maps for now... just think you've got Glasgow to look forward to next month!
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