Linzie Hunter
August 2007
Earmint gallery
Original drawing by Kaitlin K
A while back I  was contacted by Earmint (a cool chicago hip hop musician type person) to contribute to a CD cover art project he was planning.

A whole bunch of artists and illustrators were asked to essentially 'colour in' in any way they liked a line drawing of the man himself
just happened to grab my own illustration totally accidently...
The results are now online at and are available to download along side his new album.
It's cool to see how each person had made the image their own. 

Heres just a small selection from the site:
Top row: Allan Sanders, Catherine LePage, Nick Deakin
2nd row: Jordy Van Den Nieuwendijk, Sarajo Frieden, Natty Kocsis
3rd row:  Eyeport, Tommy Kane, Me
Bottom row: Bubi Au Yeung, Logan Bay, Andreas Karaoulanis
Draw - The easy way!
it's uncanny  that I saw Lou Brooks' gallery post  right on the very same day that I was confinced that all my own drawing worries were over for good.

I first saw this ad way back in the autumn of '56 and sure it may have taken some 51 years for my purchase to arrive, ...but hey what's a half a century...when I can now design clothes, copy comic heroes*, draw pets, family, animals - ALL The EASY WAY!

*excluding all copyrighted characters and material for commercial and non commercial work.
From Popular Science Magazine 1956 Oil Burner Servicing is a trade I'm considering as a side line.
box looks a bit tatty... royal mail really are getting worse
So here it is, in the flesh: the Magic Image Projector
I'm excited. If only I had a cat or a dog, or woman in a fancy hat.
oh. I have to say that I'm a little disappointed... whats the black paper for... is this it??
Either I'm missing a bit or it's just not OS X compliant

I wonder how long it will take for a refund?
Recent Work
"How to be healthy at work"
I've been quite busy over the last few weeks so, other than a few days in Dublin (and tickets to a cool REM gig), there's been not much chance for any summer holiday and/or relaxation yet. 

I'm going to be Toronto for a few days next month so will appreciate any tips or recommendations from drawgers and non-drawgers alike.  Hopefully I'll get the chance to meet up with Drawger Leighton while I'm there.

In the meantime, heres a few work-related illustrations I've done recently for the office hours section of The Guardian...
"how to have a strop" The infamous finger at mouth makes a comeback...
"How to survive your first day"
How popular are you??
I know it's a question you're asking yourself so here's a little quiz  courtesy of Readers Digest (c.1950) to help boost your ego.
I won't tell you my score, but let's just say there was no surprise second count.  Damn.  I think question 13 could have been the deal breaker ...
Answers and scoring below...
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