Linzie Hunter
July 2007
Pippi Longstocking II
Following on from Rob's Pippi Longstocking, here's my contribution to the same exhibition:

Sometimes when I've not got a client to please, I'll work completely in photoshop rather than drawing a pencil rough on paper.

I'm not sure this is the best way of working really, especially as I'm try to spend less time staring at the screen, rather than more...
Above is, I suppose, the digital version of a sketchbook page where I doodle and play about with colours and textures.
I quite liked the face on the Pippi but wasn't sure how I was going to fit her onto the   square format... I also knew I wanted to add some lettering.

I ended up blowing her head up (!) and moving her head and shoulders to the bottom on the canvas...  her pigtails didn't I made them a little crazier  and plonked her house and trees in between...
The finished Pippi Illustration...ummm thats it.
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