Linzie Hunter
December 2006
New Years Greetings
bought this while on a camping holiday in france with my family.
While home in Oban, I've been able to reclaim a few more postcards purchased in my youff.

Sadly I didn't seem to have very good taste when I was 10 as the majority of the designs aren't all that inspiring!

More interesting is reading the messages so I've posted some more scans and messages from the reverse on Flickr

and a few timely ones below...

Wishing drawger-ers and non-drawger-er's alike all the best for 2007!
"Dear Mother, the two photos here are the school and the church the one we go to on Sundays" Guess the kid that wrote it didn't get to go home for the holidays :(
Nothing says christmas more than 100 year old dogs. To Miss Rags Charlton, Somersetshire. "To wish you a very Happy Xmas froom Auntie Lottie and Bobby" Postmarked West Ealing (London) Dec 24 1906
To Miss Wilma Gallagher of Londonderry, Ireland. No Message. Postmarked Hemon, New York, Dec 17 1902
To Master A Edwards of Brighton "Hello Archibald, How are you all getting along. I suppose you are as big a tease as ever, give my love to your father and mother, From your Cousin Ethel. write soon" Postmarked Toronto Feb 13, 1915
Anyone got a stamp?
'Oh Great, here comes Linzie with lots more old crap to share'

I don't really collect old postcards, but I do seem to have bought a hell of a lot of them.  They are just one of those things that easy to find and cheap to buy.  I like the randomness of what you can find, and though it makes me feel a little bit sad/guilty the best ones are the ones that have actually been sent and show you a glimpse into someone life.

I've twice been to a local charity shop and picked up a stack of these 50s postcards... They were so cheap and the temptation was too great...
The one on the right is a favourite... I love the composition, and how wish I was that chic...
Some more recent acquisitions to the Hunter Postcard Collection
To be honest though, when I was about 10 I used to collect victorian birthday postcards which I hoping to hunt down when I go home over the holidays.  When other girls were spending their pocket money on My Little Pony, I used to spend the weekend with my parents staking out flea markets and antique stalls... It will be interesting to find my old collection and see what I considered cool then... I seem to recall I really liked the embroidered ones (oh dear!) from the turn of the century and would turn my nose up at anything post 1930...
Happy New Years 1931
I like this Notre Dame one... and it got a really nice matt finish... and even my beginners french is good enough to understand it
Adam Ant hasn't got a look in
This little fellow cracks me up!
But I have no idea whats going on in this one...anyone?  Answers on a postcard please.. boom boom.  Man, I'm in the wrong business...

So, OK, I have just posted a whole load of stuff that I collect, but hell at least I feel it has a purpose now!
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