Linzie Hunter
An Illustrated Interview
I was recently invited to illustrate my answers to 10 questions by Kollektiv Gallery in Brighton, UK.
You can see how some other artists have responded online here.

And here are my answers...
1. If you had the power to create a new animal, what would it look like? (left)
2. What does magic hour look like in your eyes?
3. Please set your alarm for 5 in the morning and create something visual.
4. Draw us what is in front of your eyes right…….. now
5. What would the male version of you be drawing?
6. Have you ever made art that’s too weird for public eyes?
7. Create your version of a strange tropical land filled with cats?
8. Please draw a portrait of me, even though we have not met.
9. Teach us something about yourself.
10. Where can we find more of your work?
One of the perks of creating hand-lettering is pretending that you are fluent in other languages. (I am not.)
I was recently commissioned by Internazionale magazine in Italy to create some artwork for their subscription postcard - the kind that gets stapled into the magazine and which sadly, I usually ignore.
Internazionale, if you haven't come across it on an international newsstand, compiles stories from the international press and regularly features some great cover artwork. A lot of smart solutions by Noma Bar are featured here on Cover Junkie:
It was a pretty straight forward job and a fun one as I was given the text and a simple brief to come up with something bright and eye-catching.
Here are my roughs and the finished artwork.
(I don't always send so many roughs, but this was a fun one come up with options for.)
At least, I now know the italian for Ipad and Smart Phone!
Sketchbook Drawings
I'm been trying to spend less time at the computer and make more time for daily drawing in my sketchbook.  It just doesn't seem to happen unless I make a deliberate effort so I've been doing a half hour or so of doodling each morning before turning on my phone/computer and checking email.
Here are some of my recent sketchbook pages.  No lettering, mostly character stuff...
Thanks for looking!
Spring is here (I'm told) and with summer just around the corner, it seemed a good time to share the packaging project I worked on with Noted.
I had wanted to work with Doug at Noted for a while and was delighted to be commissioned to create some packaging for the tops of their new Grow-Bag kits.
I was given lots of free reign with these and only had to keep in mind that they should co-ordinate with the bag colours: Yellow (Sunflowers), Red (Peppers) and Orange (Pumpkins).
Here are my first round of roughs.  I mostly work in colour for sketches, and often directly into Photoshop.  It really helped to create a little mock-up to see which labels worked and which ones definitely didn't!

As I wanted to create a consistent look across the range, it made sense to keep the colour-scheme simple.  We both liked the yellow and black, so the next stage was to create the other two labels in a co-ordinating style.

Before going to final, I made some tweaks with the lettering and backgrounds.  Here is the final artwork and some product shots.

You can currently pick up a kit at Urban Outfitters UK or Urban Outfitters USA and at lots of other hip shops worldwide.
I have yet to plant out my balcony.
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