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Sketchbook Drawings
I'm been trying to spend less time at the computer and make more time for daily drawing in my sketchbook.  It just doesn't seem to happen unless I make a deliberate effort so I've been doing a half hour or so of doodling each morning before turning on my phone/computer and checking email.
Here are some of my recent sketchbook pages.  No lettering, mostly character stuff...
Thanks for looking!
Spring is here (I'm told) and with summer just around the corner, it seemed a good time to share the packaging project I worked on with Noted.
I had wanted to work with Doug at Noted for a while and was delighted to be commissioned to create some packaging for the tops of their new Grow-Bag kits.
I was given lots of free reign with these and only had to keep in mind that they should co-ordinate with the bag colours: Yellow (Sunflowers), Red (Peppers) and Orange (Pumpkins).
Here are my first round of roughs.  I mostly work in colour for sketches, and often directly into Photoshop.  It really helped to create a little mock-up to see which labels worked and which ones definitely didn't!

As I wanted to create a consistent look across the range, it made sense to keep the colour-scheme simple.  We both liked the yellow and black, so the next stage was to create the other two labels in a co-ordinating style.

Before going to final, I made some tweaks with the lettering and backgrounds.  Here is the final artwork and some product shots.

You can currently pick up a kit at Urban Outfitters UK or Urban Outfitters USA and at lots of other hip shops worldwide.
I have yet to plant out my balcony.
Small Business Guide
Just a quick post to share some illustrations I created for this week's edition of Capital Business for The Washington Post.   
The theme was small business success with the emphasis on technology.
I do quite a lot of large hand-lettered pieces so it was  a really nice change to create some simple illustrations for the inside feature.
Net Magazine Cover
Just a quick post to share the artwork I created for the current issue of Net Magazine.  The art director, Mike Brennan, asked for a magnifying glass motif to feature.
We worked through a few different colour schemes before settling on a google-inspired theme.
Playing about with different colours.

The final cover

A jazzy effect created for the the app version. )
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