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Six things I learned from a Personal Project.
Spring is almost here and I'm now getting some time to sit down and write about my New Years hand-lettering project. For those who managed to avoid my endless tweets during the month of January, the project involved me asking people to share their goals for 2015 with me via social media.  Every day I would pick one that sparked my interest and then create a hand-lettered illustration based on those words.
Now that is had all long been wrapped up, it has been interesting to stop and spend a little time reflecting on work.  As a self-employed creative, going from job-to-job, there often doesn't seem to be much time for reflection at all.  Quite often I look back at my illustrations in print and hardly remember finishing the commission or find myself sometimes wondering about the design choices I've made.  I admit though that my memory is quite rotten, so that may also have something to do with it.
Six good things I learned during this project:
1) It allowed (or forced) me to spend time each -and every- day working on purely personal work.
2) Being responsible to other people (if only in a self-inflicted way) was a good motivator.  Especially on the weekends or evenings when I didn't really feel much like drawing.
3) It helped me learn a little about more about the people I follow or who follow me online.
4) ...and was also an interesting insight into peoples lives.  I was surprised how honest some people were.  
5) It helped remind me of the kind of work I liked doing and the direction I'd like my work to take in the future.  I was definitely pleased by some results more than others.
6) It also forced me to work quicker and worry less about the result.  Someone's resolution was "Done is as good as perfect" which has stuck in my mind.
I was also very touched by the amount of people who tweeted or emailed me directly with their thoughts on resolutions or their hopes - and sometimes fears - for 2015.  Perhaps not suprising  due to the large number of artists and designers in my social circle, that the majority of resolutions had a creative bent.  A popular theme was about being less distracted and more focused.  A lot of people expressed their concern about how much time they spent online rather than with their friends and family in real life.  Many people resolved to spend less time on Facebook, Twitter and other social media.  The irony that my project was compiled via the same media was not entirely lost on me.
I too worry about how to handle the amount of time spent online and how it affects our brains. (Daniel J. Levitin wrote an interesting article about this in the New York Times last year)  
My only regret was that I had probably under-estimated how many people would get in touch.  I should perhaps have made it clearer that I wasn't going to be able to illustrate everyones goals as I found myself writing a few apologetic emails to people who seemed a bit disappointed not to be included.
I'm not sure I'd set myself this project again but I'm really grateful to those that contributed and especially to those who wrote about my efforts:
Rob Walker at Design Observer
Scott Kirkwood at Print
Lucy Maddox at The Huffington Post
You can also view the whole series of hand-lettered resolutions, here.
A little 8-page newspaper I got printed to celebrate the end of the project.
Je Suis Charlie
Finest Greetings of the Season!
Have a great one, wherever you are!  Linziex
Daily Drawings
Over the last month or so I've been making a concerted effort to do about an hour (most often less) of daily drawing in my sketchbook and wanted to share some of these with you.  I've been trying to use a variety of ink brush pens and keep the drawing quite loose and quick.
Thanks for looking!
"marvellous party!"
Disappointing Fireworks display.
Crocodile walk.
I took this one to colour...
It's a sloth rather than a deformed monkey.
Some new coin designs for the Royal Mint!
I turned this drawing into a 4 frame looping animation.
Fancy faces
"Took the high road"
small faces.
That's all folks!
I've been posting these regularly on twitter and instagram. Thanks!
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