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Sketchbook Mugshots
Aside from my usual hand-lettering, I've been trying to develop my work in other areas.  I've really been enjoying devoting daily time to sketchbook drawing.  It's something that I know is vital but it's also the first thing to get sacrificed when things get busy.
I've been drawing a lot with various brush pens and experimenting with efficient ways to add colour on the computer.  For a long time I've always found that my pencil sketches tighten up too much as soon as I try to colour them so I've also been trying to loosen up a little bit in Photoshop.
Here are some little head and shoulders doodles, I've taken to colour artwork.
(I've also been sharing my daily drawings on twitter and instagram.)
old school hunk.
Prepare to be Uninspired...
I wanted to share with you some work from an ongoing personal project of mine - a poster series of uninspiring statements. 
Have an average weekend everyone!
Big Questions.
Just a quick post to share my work for Mental Floss.  As a long-time fan of the magazine, I  was delighted to be asked to create the cover artwork for their Big Questions issue.
If anyone could provide the answer to my big question that would be awesome!
An Illustrated Interview
I was recently invited to illustrate my answers to 10 questions by Kollektiv Gallery in Brighton, UK.
You can see how some other artists have responded online here.

And here are my answers...
1. If you had the power to create a new animal, what would it look like? (left)
2. What does magic hour look like in your eyes?
3. Please set your alarm for 5 in the morning and create something visual.
4. Draw us what is in front of your eyes right…….. now
5. What would the male version of you be drawing?
6. Have you ever made art that’s too weird for public eyes?
7. Create your version of a strange tropical land filled with cats?
8. Please draw a portrait of me, even though we have not met.
9. Teach us something about yourself.
10. Where can we find more of your work?
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