"Wheelies" is my contribution to the bicycle-inspired exhibition titled, Art Cycle! The opening reception is this Saturday at the Index Art Center in Newark, NJ. and it'll have lots of great bike art. Pedal on over!
Turbulent Times

I hope everyone made it through the recent hurricane turned tropical storm Irene without any significant damage. My basement flooded (fortunately not too deep) and I had two huge trees come down in my backyard but fortunately no one was hurt and they missed my house. There was a lot of damage and flooding from the incredible amount of rain in my neighborhood and in surrounding towns in New Jersey. The earthquake before that was minor but surprising none the less. Turbulant crazy times. Stay safe.
Is There A Chance?

It seems like every time we turn around there's another war breaking out or the world is invoved in some new violent conflict. There seems to be no good alternative to some of these situations and they often involve good causes, but the dream of lasting peace in the world seems to be slipping farther and farther away. That's why I titled this painting, Is There A Chance?

Humble art for a "Humble Beginnings" show.
First Love (medium: crayons) Used as the art on the mailer and poster.

I'm happy to have 3 pieces in this juried exhibition curated by Mary Birmington, titled: Humble Beginnings, which features artworks done by established artists and illustrators using basic materials like crayons, charcoal, finger paints, papier-mache, etc. referring to a time when they were first doing art as youngsters. The opening is this Thursday, March 10, at the Gallery at 14 Maple, Morristown, NJ, 6-8PM. Its bound to be a lot of fun if you're in the area. The theme took my mind back to those early years when I began, and as I grew up - doodling, sketching and having a visceral tactile feeling for the materials.
First Love 2 (Medium: crayons) This was a logical evolution for me and is the make and color of a motorcycle I owned when I started my career while living in Brooklyn. I used to strap my illustrations on the back part of the seat.

Surprising Synthesis (Medium: colored pencils) This one came out of free form sketching and doodling. I was spontaneously doing some profiles, and some fish, and this one formed itself on the paper as a combination of both.

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