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Humble art for a "Humble Beginnings" show.

MARCH 7, 2011
First Love (medium: crayons) Used as the art on the mailer and poster.

I'm happy to have 3 pieces in this juried exhibition curated by Mary Birmington, titled: Humble Beginnings, which features artworks done by established artists and illustrators using basic materials like crayons, charcoal, finger paints, papier-mache, etc. referring to a time when they were first doing art as youngsters. The opening is this Thursday, March 10, at the Gallery at 14 Maple, Morristown, NJ, 6-8PM. Its bound to be a lot of fun if you're in the area. The theme took my mind back to those early years when I began, and as I grew up - doodling, sketching and having a visceral tactile feeling for the materials.
First Love 2 (Medium: crayons) This was a logical evolution for me and is the make and color of a motorcycle I owned when I started my career while living in Brooklyn. I used to strap my illustrations on the back part of the seat.

Surprising Synthesis (Medium: colored pencils) This one came out of free form sketching and doodling. I was spontaneously doing some profiles, and some fish, and this one formed itself on the paper as a combination of both.

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