August 2007
I splashed into the Drawger Community Pool a year ago today!
I've gotten to know the work and the personalities of a bunch talented illustrators and made some new treasured friendships. It’s been fun, educational, and inspiring. Thanks Zimm for putting it all together and thanks fellow Drawgers.
Sailing anyone?…
I don’t know the first thing about sailing but when the publisher of a sailing magazine emailed me asking if I’d become one of their regular cartoonists I jumped on the opportunity to try it out. Most of my career has been as an illustrator and/or humorous illustrator. Most of the cartoons I’ve had published were in the purely conceptual visual-only vein. I had hardly ever done a gag cartoon and that’s what they wanted so I took the challenge. They’ve given me free reign and I’ve been enjoying myself doing them every month for 3 years. I’d have thought I would have run out of sailing ideas long ago. Here are some of them. (see more in my sailing gallery on the right.)
"Just out walkin' the dog..."
"I guess the honeymoon is over, Gladys!"
It always took old Smithy awhile to get his land-legs...
Walter always felt that the size of his dinghy really did matter.
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