September 2006
It is wild over there, Bob!  This is a self portrait I did after spending perhaps a bit too much time over there...
A chance meeting...
A man and a woman have known each other in the past. Perhaps they had some unresolved issue. And, unexpectedly, their paths cross...
A motorcycle guy.
This isn't a self portrait but I used to have a bike and I'm still into the romance of the ride and the outsider image.
A dog with a Suisse passport....
We're dog-sitting for a friend who has been living in Switzerland with her dog. She came back for a vacation in the states and left the "hund" with us for a couple of weeks. The dog arrived complete with her Swiss passport! Evidently, every pet in Switzerland is required to have one. Qui a su? I don't know if it's true throughout Europe. Some sketches (below) of the little world traveler having fun "state side".
Damaged Sam...
I found this Uncle Sam in my "early work" cabinet. I did it a long time ago for the Washington Post and it's amazing how pertinent it still is.
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