A few weeks ago we flew out to Colorado for my son, Ben's graduation..
I had my sketchbook with me on the trip and a couple of different size felt tip pens. This was in the Newark Airport waiting for our flight to begin.
I had a window seat and as we flew over the Midwest there were all these puffy little clouds floating over the landscape.  I always love seeing the geometric patterns on the land defining the various farms, etc.  As we flew farther west more and more of these irrigation circles that look like “crop circles” get mixed in with the rectangular divisions.
After flying over miles of flat, flat, land, the Rockies just seem to jump up out of nowhere and form an abrupt line of mountains on the distant horizon.
The day before the graduation we went hiking in the foothills of the Rockies above Boulder, Colorado. These are my two sons, Max and Ben, sketched from memory (later that evening) on top of a large mound of boulders
The big day arrived. My son was graduating from Naropa. A Buddhist-philosophy inspired college where he obtained his Masters in psychology. He’s not a Buddhist, pre se, but he appreciates that approach to life and to psycho-therapy. I sketched this from my seat while the author of The Color Purple, Alice Walker, gave an inspirational commencement speech she titled, A Human Sunrise. While acknowledging the tremendous current problems of the world it was optimistic and full of humor and warmth.
Here’s Ben, the happy graduate on graduation day standing with his proud family. He’s next to me in the picture, and his brother, Max, is on the other side standing next to my wife, Nancy.
We celebrated that afternoon and evening…
Our flight was delayed a couple of hours at the Denver airport. A sign of the times is how many people were using their laptop computers all over the place while we waited
We had a safe flight home. Ben stayed in Colorado but he’ll be moving to Massachusetts to work and continue his life.
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