A couple of recent business illustrations
The article was how to answer difficult questions during presentations.
These ran relatively small on the page and therefore required simple and direct concepts. I like the challenge of condensing everthing down to the essential elements and summing up the intent of the article in a humorous direct manner.
These are also the first two illustrations that I've had published that I did all the color in Photoshop. I might transition over to doing more stuff that way and I figure, I'll start out with smaller jobs.
Here are some thumbnails and sketches.
Articles that feature lists of "ten ways to", or "12 reasons for", can be deadly but, at the same time, I enjoy turning numbers and/or letters into characters and giving them personalities, if the art director is open to that kind of solution. This one was 12 reasons why it pays to hire older ,"Golden Aged" ,employees.
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