Back to beautiful Italy.
We got married in the spring of 1970 and that summer we took a 5 week honeymoon trip to Europe.  It was a lot cheaper then.  We traveled through 7 countries with our Eurail Passes which were a total of $200 for both of us.  We had a great time taking in all the beauty and culture over there.  Here's a ketch I did of my wife while were were riding a train in Italy.  I was sketching away as the train was rattling along and the hot summer air was blowing in the window.  There wasn't any air conditioning on the trains in Europe in those days.  Notice the Renaissance print that's framed and attached to the wall above the seat.  You would never see anything like that in America.  This Thursday we're going back to Italy for two weeks!  So I won't be around Drawger for awhile.  Hopefully, I'll get time to do some sketching or at least to take some pictures to share with you when we get back.
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