Katherine Streeter
September 2011

This ran in the New York Times ( Science Times/ Health)  today for the article :
"A Child's Nap is More Complicated Than it Looks"
I am always thrilled to get assignments that allow for a wide range of ideas on a basic concept. For this one, I spent awhile working on variations of a few different visual ideas. I kept them pretty literal and simple.
If the piece calls for it, and often when the deadline is tight, I jump right into working on the ideas as if they were the finals. This has been my style in recent years for open-ended assignments where the art director allows me to experiment and play in the idea stage of it.
I'm always really thankful for these times, because with the way I work, it allows for happy accidents and collage ideas that pop during the process that may not have come to me if i was doing line-drawn sketches and writing down notes to myself about how to explain it to them. There is often a hurdle to jump with showing sketches for collage art, since there is the mystery of how it will turn out in the end (in my personal experience, anyway...)
Here are the other ideas that I showed.....

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