Katherine Streeter
October 2010
experimenting and showing

These past few months I have been busy making dolls . They've been living in my thoughts and sketchbooks as ideas for a long time, so it was wonderful to finally allow the time and creative mental space to bring them to life. I was so lucky to be given a beautiful space to show them off in.  Caroline at Liloveve Gallery in Brooklyn scheduled the show months before these pieces were even planned out. (Turns out that deadlines are sometimes necessary for personal work just as much as they are for commercial work for me.)
I started with the painted portraits , which were done as mixed media collages like my other work.  At first, they were mearly 'sketches' for what I was thinking to do with 3D figures, but then they took the form of a series that I wanted to include in the exhibit as a layer of development.
The paper dolls were the next stage of the figures coming off the page, and then later, the dolls as objects. All three groups were exhibited in a progression around the gallery walls.
I'm happy to say, it was a nice break for me to work on something completely new with the freedom of not knowing how it would turn out. I know this will influence my work, as all experimenting does, but I hope to keep these going and see where they take me - maybe they will be moving on film at some point.... or maybe characters for a book...... or,  maybe they will just fill up my tiny apartment walls when the show is over to remind me to keep up on the experimenting.
if you happen to be local, there is a little party at the space on Thursday the 21st. (Grand St.- Brooklyn) 7-9pm
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