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Recent Editorial Work

It's been awhile since I've posted. Here are a few recent(ish) published pieces that I was lucky enough to be assigned, from a few of my favorite art directors.
Above Left: Nautilus Magazine "Can you Die From a Broken Heart?" AD: Len Small
Above Right: Harpers Magazine "The Boys on the Block" a personal story by Gordon Lish AD: Stacey Clarkson
Below Left: New York Times , Science AD: John Cohoe
Below Right: New York Times, OpEd AD: Matt Dorfman

Cover and inside for The Baffler AD : Patrick JB Flynn

PlanAdviser Magazine AD: SooJin Buzelli

Vintage AI

I'm excited that this piece was chosen for American Illustration 32.
I need to thank Mark Todd and Esther Watson for inviting me into the Post-It Show8 , which is what this was created for.
It's always such a huge honor to be in the book and for that I'm thankful to the jury.
I was recently going through old flat files, and found the art which was included in American Illustration 16, the first AI book that I had work in. It was an extremely momentous day for me when I received the letter of acceptance in 1997 (!)
My own sentiment of it is inspiring me to share the two entries. They were both personal pieces. 
At the time I was not getting a lot of commissioned work, so having these accepted into the book was an incredible reminder to keep working at my career, and to find a place to fit in this industry which is so full of crazy great talent.
I'm so thankful for the organization of American Illustration and all the hard work that Mark Heflin and the judges do. It keeps the bar high and remains to be such a special book, website, and axis for Illustration Week in New York.

"Twins", collage and mixed media on board, 1997
"Prevent Decay" , collage and mixed media on paper, 1997
New(ish) Illustration Work
The New York Times 'A Message on Love" AD: Laura Chang

PlanSponsor 'Avoiding 401k Loans' AD: SooJin Buzelli * NPR 'Gloomy Thinking Can be Contagious' by Shankar Vedantam

Hadassah Magazine 'Translate' AD: Jodie Rossi * The New York Times 'Gender Identity' AD: Alexandra Zsigmond

PlanSponsor Magazine 'Picking Partners' AD: SooJin Buzelli * PlanAdviser Magazine 'Hot Off The Presses' AD: SooJin Buzelli

The Baffler #20 'Accountants for Taste' AD: Patrick JB Flynn * Licensed Art for LoveLane,London

PlanSponsor Magazine 'Round Up' AD: SooJin Buzelli * Brown Alumni Magazine 'Mothers Day' AD: Lisa Sergi

I haven't posted in a little while, but I've been spending a lot of time this summer updating and organizing ! I have a new tumblr blog with a mix of work: assignments, experiments, out-takes and unchosen ideas. There is new personal work that I will be showing soon as well.
Above are some of my favorite commissioned assigments from this past year or so. As always : such big thanks and graditude for the work from some of the best art directors in the industry!
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