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December 2009
A Fundraiser for Pedro Bell
Album-cover artist Pedro Bell, the prophetic penman of P-Funk liner notes, satirical satyr of South Side Chicago, and one of my personal heroes, has been enduring health and money problems for years. We need to show him some love.

The Black Rock Coalition is sponsoring a benefit show for Pedro Bell this Saturday night (January 2) at Santos Party House in downtown Manhattan. Doors open at 7 p.m. The price is $15.

Pedro’s friends and fans were stirred to action by a November article in the Chicago Sun-Times.

If you can’t attend the fundraiser but would like to help Pedro in his time of need, follow this link to PayPal and donate to the Pedro Bell Benefit Fund.
original content from Undercover Black Man
16 Magazine
 When I was a kid, each month my sister would buy 16 Magazine at Werley's Store in Guthsville, Pennsylvania. The covers are as distinctive as any I can think of

here's some more work mining similar territory.




National Lampoon 1970s artist: Randall Enos

tintype--circa 1890s-1910
A special thank you to Mark Newgarden, Randall Enos and Jonathan Green for their invaluable assistance in putting this post together.
All of the 16 MAGAZINE images were downloaded from the internet. Here are some of the original sites. The others I lost track of.

The Ward-O-Matic

I'm Learning To Share

Flickr: 1960's "16" Magazine

Bobby Vee

Bobby Sherman's Official Website!

Redd Foxx album covers
Robert Newman came up with the idea that he and I should do posts in tandem to celebrate Red Foxx's birthday on December 9. He was to post magazine covers and me record album covers. He posted his on the appointed day and they can be seen here. Unfortunately, circumstances beyond my control prevented me from keeping up my end of the bargain. Here then, better late than never, are some album covers from my record collection plus a few more culled from the internet. Happy Holidays one and all!
 And while you're at Robert's site check out his extensive and ever growing archive of classic and contemporary design. The man knows his stuff.

The same art was used on a series of albums. 
Another series of albums using the same art. They came in a variety of colors.

And still another series that used different colors for different titles.

This set of lp covers scanned by Zettwoch's Suitcase. You may want to stop by the blog to see his print commemorating Redd Foxx performing "Fred G. Sanford's famous heart-attack pantomime."

Ad found at

A special thank you to Jim Blanchard and Chris Buzelli for their invaluable assistance in putting this post together.

Herblock TV interview '74
"Throughout a career spanning seventy-two years and thirteen American presidents, Herblock’s spare, folksy cartoons made complex issues seem simple and moral choices clear. Syndicated throughout the country, his cartoons focused on important issues of the time, making Americans take note of the human folly that is politics."
 An interview with Herblock on DAY AT NIGHT hosted by Robert Day on CUNY television in 1974.

Library of Congress Exhibition featuring Herbert Block's editorial cartoons, including an essay by Block on cartooning.
Herblock's History (Political Cartoons from the Crash to the Millenium)
S. J. Perelman interview
 I've been reading and re-reading S. J. Perelman since I was a teenager. Like many my age, I first discovered his work through Monkey Business and Horse Feathers, the films he co-wrote for the Marx Brothers.

 This is an interview I caught on CUNY television this weekend. I don't know how long they keep these links up so you may want to catch it fast if you're at all interested. Perelman talks about his beginnings as a cartoonist, the writers he imitated while developing his art, his writing for the Marx Brothers as well as his many years at the New Yorker.

 Since this is primaritly an illustration blog I added some dustjackets from Perelman's books.





1947, jacket art by Robert Osborn

1947, jacket art by Robert Osborn (back cover)

1948 jacket art by Al Hirschfeld

1949, jacket art by Al Hirschfeld

1950, jacket art by Al Hirschfeld

1952, jacket art by E. McKnight Kauffer

1957, cover art by Ben Shahn

1961, jacket art by Ben Shahn

1966, jacket art by Lawrence Ratzkin

1970, jacket art by Paul Bacon

1977, jacket art by Lawrence Ratzkin

1944, jacket art by George F. Kelley

1962, album cover

1974, album cover, reissue, designed by Howard Russo

thanks to all who contributed scans and jpegs for this post.
R.O. Blechman Classic 1966

My Washington Square Park piece is featured in the current issue of Japan's ILLUSTRATION magazine. The text is by Nogawa Keri, the translation by Yuko Shimizu: "We wrote about Stephen Kroninger, the person behind in our issue 179. Stephen is an American illustrator who's a semi-regular for such major publications as Time and Newsweek. Political and economical satire is his style.
He is one of the first to establish "photo-collage" technique where he cuts out photos from magazines and put them together, he 'draws with scissors' . In 1992, MoMA of New York had a solo show of his work. He is also popular for his children's books and animations. Other than teaching and lecturing in art schools, he also holds workshops for elementary school kids in his native New York City."
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