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September 2007
The Tony Soprano of North Korea
Cut-Out head
 Here is Kim Jong Il in a piece that I did for the wonderful Cynthia Hoffman. It ran in TIME magazine. The head was cut out from disparate magazine pieces, assembled, glued and scanned into my computer. The rest of the piece is photo-shop. Here's the article: The Tony Soprano of North Korea
Ben Shahn's New York
These are from a book called "Ben Shahn's New York: The Photography of Modern Times" published by Harvard University. It's currently out of print but copies can be found here. I'll let Harvard do the talking: "Ben Shahn, renowned painter, muralist, and graphic artist, was also a talented photographer who made documentary street photographs in New York City in the early 1930s. This book is the first to focus on his compelling New York images, showing how he used a camera to comment on many social issues of his day.

As a political activist Shahn became interested in newspaper photography as a source material for some of his paintings and satires. Soon he was engaged in street photography himself, documenting the working-class and immigrant populations and providing a poignant record of unemployment and poverty during the Depression years. The book considers the immediate social history of Shahn's New York photographs and analyzes how his leftist politics and his interest in news photographs and film affected his photographic aesthetic, The authors assert the importance of analyzing Shahn's paintings and his photographs together, explaining why the connections between the two have been ignored until now. The book reproduces not only Shahn's New York photographs but also his related paintings, prints, and drawings, and an appendix presents documents that speak to the pervasive impact of his photographic work."

 Here are some examples of Shahn using  photos clipped from the newspaper as source material for his art.
Riker's Island Penitentiary Mural study, panel for east wall, 1934-35
Penguin Classics Deluxe Editions
Chris Ware
 Covers for Penguins ongoing classics reprints series.
Art Spiegelman
Roz Chast
Thomas Ott
Yoshihiro Tatsumi
Charles Burns
Tomer Hanuka
Frank Miller
Chester Brown
Joe Sacco
Daniel Clowes
Nils Anders
Comic Art Annual
 Picked up the latest issue of COMIC ART this weekend. If you're not familiar with it you might want to be, I've been buying them since issue one and they're always a treat.

blurb for the latest issue:
This second double-sized annual features cover by cartoonist Tim hensley, plus articles on Jerry Moriarty, Chester Gould, Abner Dean, Gluyas Williams, Kaz, Lyonel Feininger, George Clark, Jesse Marsh, Simplicissimus, Richard taylor, and new comics by Dan Zettwoch and Aline Kominsky-Crumb. The magazine comes with a separate, exclusive booklet, titled Cartooning, by Ivan Brunetti.

 Issues 1-7 are out of print but the magazine's fantastic feature IN THE STUDIO has been published in book form. Cartoonists included in the book are Art Spiegelman, Robert Crumb, Daniel Clowes, Ivan Brunetti, Chris Ware, Jamie Hernandez, Gary Panter, Charles Burns and Seth.

Here's the official Hype:

These studio visits with some of today’s most popular and innovative comic artists present an unparalleled look at the cutting edge of the comic medium. The artists, some of whom rarely grant interviews, offer insights into the creative process, their influences and personal sources of inspiration, and the history of comics. The interviews amount to private gallery tours, with the artists commenting, now thoughtfully, now passionately, on their own work as well as the works of others.

The book is generously illustrated with full-color reproductions of the artists’ works, including some that have been published and others not originally intended for publication, such as sketchbooks and personal projects. Additional illustrations show behind-the-scenes working processes of the cartoonists and particular works by others that have influenced or inspired them. Through the eyes of these artists, we see with a new clarity the achievement of contemporary cartoonists and the extraordinary possibilities of comic art.
God's Country: A Short History
The Spirit of Humanity, Justice and Civilization as interpreted by junior members of the Women's League of Women for the benefit of the Women's Memorial Fund.
Illustrations from GOD’S COUNTRY by Ralph Barton published by Knopf in 1929. Just picked this book up today and thought I’d share some of the drawings with you. I love this stuff but then I listen to an episode of the Jack Benny radio program every night before drifting off to sleep.
Cristobal Colon before Ysabel la Catolica.
Good Queen Bess and Sir Walter Raleigh
The manner in which God was worshipped in the seventeenth century.
How the Americans were provided with ancestors.
General George Washington
The first transatlantic flight. God moves from England to America on the signing of the Declaration of Independence.
The Patriot, 1776. "I feel so patriotic I'm about to bust! Hod-dern it! I jest wisht I was young enough to fight! You lucky feller you!"
The birth of the political parties.
John C. Calhoun and Henry Clay, co-authors and producers of, though not actors in, the war of 1812.
The war spirit of 1860.
What loyalty to the flag can be made to lead to when the stars and stripes are re-arranged into two designs instead of one.
Theodore the well beloved.
The prohibition era: American citizens spying on one another.
Illustrators in their studios
Constantin Alajalov
 Images from "Forty Illustrators and How They Work" by Ernest M. Watson, published by Watson-Guptill in 1946.
Boris Artzybasheff
Walter Biggs
George Price and son Wilfrid
Carl Erickson
Floyd M. Davis
John Gannam
N. C. Wyeth (pencil drawing by son Andrew)
Harrison Cady's New York studio
Oberhardt demonstatres the importance of proper lighting to favor the sitter's personality.
Howard Scott's studio
Howard Scott
Dean Cornwell
Earl Oliver Hurst at work in his studio, His assistant is seen in the far corner mounting drawings.
Constantin Alajolov
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