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"The Golem's Voice" published on Act•i•vate
"The Golem's Voice" will be serialized on Act•i• on the 24th of each month beginning in February.
I just wanted to bring you up to date with goings on with my graphic novel. "The Golem's Voice" is being published online tomorrow and has been recently review. Below is a press release with all the details. FYI., as the name suggests is a review blog site that specializes in comic that are NOT about costume heroes. THE BEAT is Publisher's Weekly editor Heidi MacDonald's blog featuring news of the comics industry.
The Golem's Voice is David G Klein's graphic novel of Yakov and an unusual friend. This is a fantastic tale of adventure, self-discovery and a strange relationship.
  Separated from his older brother as they flee the Nazis, Yakov encounters the legendary Golem of Prague. The Golem and Yakov make a connection, and through “voices unheard” Yakov discovers his own inner resources and capacity for sacrifice. Together they evade the Nazis and aid others.

The Golem's Voice is serialized on on the 24th of each month beginning February. It is being published as a part of Act-i-vate's 6th anniversary launch of exciting new titles.

The Golem's Voice was recently reviewed by David Anderson

...and mentioned in the Act-i-vate press release featured on THE BEAT 2/12.
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