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February 2007
New York Comicon - this weekend
Sorry I didn't think of putting this up before. The New York ComiCon is this weekend. It is really miss named because it features all media. Here is more info:
Something of an homage to Baskin
Some times sketches get rejected as too dark or macabre. What can I say. It's who I am. When this happens I offer them up to the INX syndicate. They are a great outlet for just this kind of thing.
This one was for BIRD FLU. Baskin is a favorite of mine. This may have been some what too conscious an influence.  Oh well.
From the ole block
cool napkin art by my son Efraim, the chip
And now for something completely different 2
Not completely different perhaps. My usual concept thing. WSJ article about Dramatic court determined new ways in which art is insured. Different style treatment wise. I think I was channeling Terry Gilliam.
Q: When is a PhotoShop file a painting, and when is it a drawing?

 A: How cares. Pass the beer.
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