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December 2006
What Happened to the Scratchboard?
"Is it Murder" Newsday
In reply to Robert Saunders many of you might remember me as a Scratchboard artist. Over the years art directors would occasionally comment how much the liked the graphic quality of my sketches. I myself after all these years of working in scratchboard longed to do something different. But I don't have to tell you how difficult it is to change paddles midstream and sell it to the art buying community.
But given the decline of both the quality of the scratchboard and my eyesight, I decided to go for it. The transition was easier than I thought. Here are some samples of what I've been up to.
"Break Up" NYT
Hello from David Klein
The Golem's Voice - cover
Just want to introduce myself to the Drawger community. I know many of you here and looking forward to meeting others as time goes by. Maybe a few details. I'm one of the INX crew. A few of us and some others are going to be in the SERIATIM SHOW of serial art at St Johns University. More on that later. Latest Project is The Golem's Voice Graphic Novel more of which you can see at my Galleries.
Iook forward to knowing you better, (and gaining some facility with this new toy). stop by and say hello. Yours David K
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