Tatsuro Kiuchi
The Day of the Jackal
It was a great honor to be working with the Folio Society again. A couple of years ago, I contributed full color illustrations for The Sea, The Sea written by Iris Murdoch, and this time I had done 15 black and white pieces for a well known political thriller, The Day of the Jackal by Frederick Forsyth. Most of my pieces ended up being double-page spreads as I was asked to come up with illustrations that would look integrated with the text. As you can see in one of my rough sketches below, I even did a piece that went across two double-page spreads, which is the image of a man holding a rifle. It was fun.
I came up with an idea of opening a hole on one side of the slipcase, and they made it.
Some roughs including unused ones.
It was hard for me to figure out how the Jackal’s special rifle was constructed. I made this simple drawing to discuss with the editor. This custom made rifle was designed to be able to disassemble in order for Jackal to carry in compact size.
Bought these for reference.
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