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Some From Summer

AUGUST 11, 2010
The July cover for The American Spectator on 'The Ruling Class vs. The Country Class'. The writer’s point is that no one in a position of power in either party - or with a national voice - takes many of the public’s policy objections seriously... and that decisions about money are made in bipartisan backroom deals with interested parties. Welcome to politics as usual... Is one group more crooked than the next?

Detail: Woman's dress does indeed reveal belly button whilst empty martini glass somehow finds a way to splash.

'Cloud Computing' for ON Magazine, Ronn Campisi, Art Director. Always great to hear from Ronn!

One from a new series of works for BODASS - Burning Oil Drums and Skulls aSsociation.

And for Yankee Magazine's special 75th anniversary issue - on the stands September 1... "75 Things Every New Englander Should Do"  - Lori Pedrick, Art Director - who was kind enough to let me post these a bit early. A fine assignment! Here are a few from the article...

And from a recent issue of Barron's.... Economic outlook: 10% chance of sunny skies! Things were beginning to look better some weeks back, but more storm clouds are on the horizon.