John S. Dykes
December 2007
The U.S. Department of Transportation contacted me a while back and asked if I would be willing to participate in a new campaign they were undertaking. It is a multi-tiered multi-lateral campaign to reduce excessive driving speeds on our nations highways - something to which we all can relate. The main effort is to get crazy maniac drivers to slow the hell down through a series of well placed, thoughtful, slow the hell down signs. Art Director Marina Enahosa was a pleasure to work with - emailing words of encouragement daily - and even sending flowers and chocolates when the burden of coming up with another brilliant idea seemed, well, miles away. The designer, Feliciera - who like Cher and Madonna, goes by only one name - was a real pain in the ass. We chased concepts through 16 rounds of roughs and came full circle back to my original ideas. (Please don't send her a link to this.)
Here is the first in the series of new road signs - some of which you may have already spotted. Please feel free to post photos you may have taken while on the road.
Barack Obama - big supporter of slow the hell down.
Another Drawger spotted near Mast Blvd.
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