Joseph Fiedler
Your Basic Blog Post 2013
For the Los Angeles Times' LA Affairs column about a bisexual man and an older gay man. Sketch: bottom left.

Is everybody happy?  Good way to start a new year or phase or anything, right?
So here are a few recent projects hot off the laptop.  To mark such an auspicious occasion as the the new age I decided to cave in to peer pressure and succumb to the iPhone.  To be honest, I avoided Mario Puzo's The Godfather for ages because when it came out in paperpack, everybody on the bus I rode eveyday was reading it, so therefore I ignored it the way you would a double Whopper with cheese. But I love my phone.  What's so cool about it is that it can become your scanner!  Wow, I found that out real fast. And Face Time!  Anyway all but one of these projects were completed entirely via iPhone and laptop. Another groovy item: I can now deposit my checks via the phone.  Super!
How hurricane Katrina spurred a great renaissance in education reform for New Orleans Magazine.

Raising children while avoiding crime for New Orleans magazine.

The unknown dangers of whooping cough for Hour Detroit Magazine.

Another LA Affairs piece for The Los Angeles Times, this one about a Canadian who decides to move to Santa Monica.

Corraleo and dried Thai peppers.

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