Joseph Fiedler
July 2011
Julius Mensis
Downtown LA

The month of Julius Caesar has been a good one.  Officially the 2nd month of summer and already we have plenty of heat, cookouts and sparkling sunsets.  The rivers here are still too flush and cold though; with daily warnings going out and the tomatoes still have awhile to go before they hit the farmer’s markets. So, as we wait on the rivers and tomatoes, here are a few new projects for your consideration.
I had the coolest Sunday with a deuce in the Los Angeles Times. First, the main Op-Ed opener presenting pro and con views of living in downtown LA [AD Wes Bausmith].  Within hours of publication, I got this email from one of the writers “Your illustration on downtown LA is great! As the writer of one of the pieces, I especially appreciate the nuances you tucked in everywhere!”.  That’s a direct hit in my book.
The second was a book review for Dana Spiotta’s novel “Stone Arabia.” [AD Judith Pryor]
Stone Arabia

These were done for Common Ground, a cover and inside page around the theme of Violent Crime and Murder in ALL neighborhoods. [AD Cori Canaday]. I just love them.

This is the new wine column illo for La Cucina Italiana featuring Syrah from Italy. If you’ve been wondering where exactly is the origin of this varietal, the answer’s in the article. Hint: Rhone Valley!AD Sumo Morrison

This is a supplemental map.

Finally, a QP for Hour Detroit on Healthcare at age 50. [AD Cassidy Zobl]

Sometimes, I feel like a kid who never grew up. Thanks for keeping me young! P51 Mustang at the Nevada County War Birds Air Show. See those chairs-that's how close I was. Have you ever heard a P51 take off right in front of you? This bitch could eat muscle cars for breakfast!

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