Joseph Fiedler
June 2009
Moleskine Facebook
Here’s another sketchbook from last winter/spring. I was fascinated by the “Facebook” phenomena and started to draw nothing but [almost] faces. Naturally I mined the whole of the history of art to do so but whatever, it was fun. Actually, it’s more work to scan and upload than it is to do it. You can see it HERE. See what you think.
Lance Armstrong and the 49th Annual Nevada City Bicycle Race
Life in Nevada City.

Have you ever seen Lance Armstrong in a race from this close? Man, I’m no sportsman but this was an awesome, mind-bending experience for me! Ever since Armstrong announced [only last week on Twitter!] that he’d race in the 49th, there’s been quite a buzz around here. To see dudes [and dudettes] of this incredible stellar magnitude in competition really puts things into perspective. It’s not exactly like art. The difference between Good and Great is much more level and obvious, leaving little room for ambiguity. BTW, Shepard Faiery designed Lance’s bike! We had the pleasure of partying with Ms. Brooke Miller; the only USA women’s champion the night before the race too, which added a layer of unique complexity to the whole gig! Also on hand at the race were Levi Leipheimer and Chris Horner of the Astana team. Armstrong won hands down, lapping the other 130 riders into oblivion. Here are some pix...
Lance at the finish signing autographs.
Looking down Broad Street at the course.
The Juniors coming round the first corner.
Fans at the barricades.
Brooke Miller being interviewed after coming in 2nd in the Women's division.
The Men's Pro teams lining up at the starting line.
Brooke Miller [arrow] and Lance at the finish.
The Shining Part II
Studio, weird shit you see in the west and Tahoe birthday road trip.

Just a few photo updates for inquisitive minds.  I moved 3 weeks ago yesterday, my 56th birthday. Last Wednesday night my best friend, my beloved Peke Faced Persian, OBEAH died.  She was beyond cool. Dig what you can.

Nanbo on the deck [silk solar lanterns].
Studio A
Studio B
I saw this from my studio last week!!
Lake Tahoe from Emerald Bay.
Yes, the water IS that blue!
No shit! Al Neri shot Freddo in The Godfather II just off the promontory at the right of this photo.
Today begins the famous Concorde d'elegance festival of antique boats. That cute little guy is THE HORNET.
More details.
My Obeah in my Detroit apartment.
Random Notes
Here is a new set of sketch style images that I developed for Don Nelson at Notre Dame Magazine for a collection of random notes and reminiscences by various alumni. The editorial pieces were exceptionally well written and full of great image potential.
Camping is a complex reflection on summering by the shores of Lake Michigan, the passage of time, generations and the secrets of beach glass.
Guitar is a story of a workingwoman’s effort to master classical guitar in her spare time as an attempt at self-actualization.
Vietnam is a former vet’s return to the country in search of his adopted daughter’s home village.
Dad is the story of a dying father’s reconciliation with his estranged wife.
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