Joseph Fiedler
June 2008
Drink'n'Draw San Francisco Style

For a couple of months now, I’ve been attending [irregularly] a weekly session of Drink’n’Draw here in San Francisco.  We go to Rickenbacker’s, have beers, eat bar food [the grilled cheese with avocado and pesto is quite good as are the garlic parmesan fries!] and sketch a bit.  There’s always lots of stuff that’s new and several movies to discuss too.

Eric Joyner is a native Bay Area dude [San Mateo] living and working in downtown SF.  His paintings of robots and doughnuts have made him quite a sensation on the Lowbrow set and he has a new book of his work out on the Dark Horse imprint.  I met Eric through illustrator and former Bay Area bon vivant Francis Livingston but I can’t remember how [bad sign].

Daniela Yew is a freelance writer and artist based in San Francisco. Originally from Munich, Daniela Yew draws on her lifelong interest in China as well as nature and fabric design to decorate painted eggs, following a tradition popular at Easter time in her native Bavaria. She is also a librarian at the SF Public Library in the Mission and an avid practitioner of collage sketchbookery. She is married to a Chinese American native of the Bay Area whom she met while studying in Taiwan.  Her husband, Anselm Yew is a freelance illustrator/animator in SF and is descended from an ancient line of fierce Mongols.

Drink’n’Draw is held @ Eddie Rickenbacker’s Bar on Second Street every Monday night 7-10pm.  Eddie was the famous flying ace of World War I. He was also a cousin of Adolph Rickenbacker, co-founder of Rickenbacker Guitars.  Rickenbacker’s is filled with antique motorcycles [hung from the ceiling], model trains and various other memorabilia, making it a good place for D’n’D!  On my first visit, the waitress asked if we’d mind it if people smoked cigarettes and pot!  It’s pretty mellow and there’s a giant cat too!
The old bikes are really beautiful!
Anselm and Daniela
Daniela's egg and a drawing
Anselm's drawings
Eric Joyner in his studio
Eric's palette
Eris's robots
Rickenbacker Guitar [the instrument of choice for that Jingle Jangle sound!]
The cat!
Bo Passed!

The legendary Ellis MacDaniel [Bo Diddley] is dead at 79. NYT

Lyonnaise potatoes and a pork chop!  Shave and a haircut - 2 bits!  The barnyard chicken scratcher is gone! Here's a model of innovation and style that has impacted generations!  In addition to his ground breaking branding and singular guitar styling, his album covers from the 1950's and '60's are among the great gems of commercial art.

RIP Bo baby!
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