Joseph Fiedler
April 2008
Two Cool Dudes!
Jelly Bus Vibrators

I want to introduce 2 cool dudes from the West Coast, who just happen to be former students [College for Creative Studies, Detroit], David Chung [aka The Chung] and Serge Gay Jr.  David came to the program from Hong Kong via Buffalo and Sege came from Haiti via Miami or something like that.  Right now, David is working on [sounds like DOING it all!] Spaceballs TV, designing and laying out the animated series [images are actually animated elsewhere] for A DAY JOB and painting for various exhibitions at night [in this, his first year out of school he has been included in the Miami Art Basel fair as well as many others].  He is a participant in the new TOYS show [sponsored by Mattel], which opens in LA @ 1988 Gallery tomorrow night.  Each artist was asked to alter a Volkswagen mini-bus model.  The Chung turned it into a vibrator!  Check it out!

Serge was the whiz kid at both his art magnet high school in Miami and at CCS.  He can draw so well and so naturally, it makes adults feel queasy.  He’s living in San Francisco and doing T-Shirt designs, painting for exhibitions and music video art.  Recently, he did pieces for Snoop Dogg and The Bled. 
Warm Waters by The Chung!
Himself. I taught him how to look scary!
Serge Gay Jr. paintings.
Serge hisself!
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