Joseph Fiedler
OK, Some Work Images!
These are 2 pieces that I did for the GREEN show. I sent the image on the right. Title "In The Future All Monkeys Will Be Plastic". 24X24 inches, Mixed on Canvas.

As I promised, here are some images that I made over the past month or so, including a painting for the Mark Murphy/Robert Berman exhibition GREEN.  Here's the blurb:

Joseph Daniel Fiedler is a Berkley based artist who has created “In The Future All Monkeys Will Be Plastic.” In 2006 he began a series of paintings and mixed media works around the general theme of imperialism. Joseph wanted to weave a thread that incorporates the various issues, historical, personal and quirky. “I have been a vegetarian for well over thirty years. I find negligence and cruel treatment of animals repugnant. As imperialism evokes domination so too were animals dominated by force, brute strength and gross ignorance.” The recent murder of Mountain Gorillas in Africa is a case in point. Pollution, deforestation and habitat reduction have decimated untold thousands of species. Now, our fragile planet is threatened. Moral, agricultural and animal husbandry issues have a direct impact on sustainability, climate change and population growth. Joseph asks, “Is this a manifestation of animal blowback?”
Here's a piece for the Harvard Medical School Annual Dean's Report. It is one of 7 pieces all reflecting the concept of Systems Theory as applied to the workings of the school.
Another piece for Harvard. This one involves brain research.
This piece is one of 9 images that I made for a St. Louis Magazine feature that tells unusual stories about unusual events. This one is about a heart transplant.

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